Technology drives digital opportunities, Strategy drives successful digital transformation


Think efficient and act

SET YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY – Don’t just go with the hype

Digital Technologies enable organisations to connect with customers in their day to day activities. This can deepen relationships, promote your brand efficiently and improve profits…


We live in a connected consumer environment. Customers are much better informed and it gets harder to please them. You get only seconds when they decide to use an APP or not. But using more and more information technology they also leave a trail of evidence in the form of data and customer information….


Meaningful change starts when you start thinking beyond the borders that you are used to work within now. Like Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when creating them”. ….


One thing doesn’t change in this age of digitization: People stay the most valuable asset of your company. Success comes from people that understand the opportunity that a multi-channel approach provide and how digital channels play their role. …..


Digital Transformation needs business and IT to sit together in defining the digital proposition in partnership. The client-supplier relationship that has been developed in the last decades of (out)sourcing needs revision in day to day working relationships. Where our marketers show knowledge on the clients behaviour, the app- and web-developers know what usability of portals and APPs need to have. Together they define how you can create the connected customer to your organisation….


Agile initially started as a lean approach for software development officially in 2001 with its foundation document “the Manifesto for Software Development”. Being recognized by e.g. McKinsey and Harvard Business Review, Agile is introduced in all parts and all types of organisations. The only way organizations can cope with the fast moving customer demand is to become and act Agile. It enables organizations to control continuous change needed in a volatile, complex and uncertain market.


Driving succesfull change
Our inspiration

Our company name came from Simon Stevin (1548-1620), He was one of the most important scientist of his time. Stevin inspires us to go for adventures journeys in our time, to learn, to share and to innovate. Inspired by Stevin we translate our clients aspiration into clear pragmatic structures and approach.

  • Aspiration

    Connect and inspire people within the company and beyond. Prelude the journey and translate it into an exciting story

  • Leadership

    Design the architecture and outline clear themes that will jointly achieve the asperation

  • Energy

    Bring the organisation into movement and keep the energy high

  • Ideas

    Ideas and energy are the fuel for transformation. Ideas inspire and keeps the transformation ongoing

Our core team

Experienced in: Private Banking, Online Investors, Options and Share Exhanges, Integration of Banking Services, Insurance Companies; Public Services: Justice Department, Chain information Services (Cross departmental), Delivery Management; Health Services: Integration of (public) health organisations (hospitals), centralisation of IT services; Industry: Centralisation of IT Services, International IT Services, Delivery Management; Telecommunications
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Menno Wiersma

Chief Development Officer
Success is based on finding the right connection between the idea and effectuation. For me it starts mostly on an ICT functional level that ends up in either a commercial success or an improvement in an organization. But always finding myself working together with inspiring people.
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erik mol

Senior International Program Manager
Erik is a senior change manager entrepreneur style creating trust quickly enabling concrete collaboration.
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Senior International Program Manager
Experienced senior manager of business change in which information technology is a significant element. People matter most and in cooperation we get the job done. Entrepreneurial style, creative to find solutions.
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Simco Kruijer

Commercial Manager
Senior expert in marketing and sales, business development and finance. Highly interested in economic and social issues.

We participate in OpenNet Europe. OpenNet Europe believes in freedom as basic principle of our existence. It enables us to make real choices. We believe in collaboration as a stimulus for innovation and prosperity. These believes drive OpenNet. OpenNet Europe is independent and services the society as a whole.

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